Hertsel Shadian, Attorney at Law, LLC


17 January 2010

Welcome to my new website. I hope you find this website informative with respect to my background and practice areas, and also useful as a regularly updated resource of information through new articles and helpful links. New articles on various tax and IRS issues with current relevancy will be added periodically, all of which articles will be available and searchable in the article archives. Additional articles also will be added periodically which pertain to various non-tax specific issues, including special interest articles and articles which highlight new or ongoing important events of my clients and my business colleagues. For those who are interested in receiving all these articles by email or through an RSS feed, I welcome you to subscribe through the subscription buttons conveniently located to the right of any page of my website.

I also want to thank my web designer, John Biethan, for all of his tireless work in constructing this new website for me. John spent numerous hours attentively gathering information from me with regard to how I wanted this website to appear, and patiently indulged my many tangents into philosophy about life and business along the way. Most importantly, as John and I discussed the construction of the website, John took from our numerous conversations those essential elements of my personality that I hope are reflected on the pages of the website. You can learn more about John’s work and his other available services at www.WetFeetMedia.com. John also may be contacted at 360-624-1639.